Remember the Red Ring of Death? Of course you do! It was one of the biggest low-points in the history of Xbox's 22 years in existence, and the vast majority of early Xbox 360 owners ended up experiencing it at least once.

The saga was documented extensively in the "Power On: The Story of Xbox" documentary a couple of years ago, with the team explaining that the issue was ultimately related to thermal stresses caused by regularly turning the console on and off over time, resulting in a 1.15 billion dollar cost to offer free repairs for every system.

It was an awful moment for the brand, but obviously things ended up turning around in the end, and later models of the Xbox 360 were far less prone to issues. By that time though, there's a good chance you'd experienced the Red Ring of Death and Microsoft's free repair process - perhaps even on two or three occasions!

So, what was your experience with the Xbox 360 and the Red Ring of Death? Do you remember the circumstances when you saw it for the first time? Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who never had to deal with it?

Xbox 360 Owners, How Many Times Did You Get The RROD? (659 votes)

  1. I never got it, and I even had an old model!14%
  2. I never got it, but I had one of the newer models9%
  3. Yep, I got it once42%
  4. It happened to me twice17%
  5. Three times was the charm for me9%
  6. I got unlucky... it was 4 times (or more!)9%

We'd love to hear your memories about the RROD down in the comments section below.