Talking Point: What Are Your Wild Predictions For The Xbox Games Showcase?

So, we've got a date! Xbox and Bethesda will once again present a Games Showcase on Sunday, June 12th, and it "will include everything you need to know about the diverse lineup of games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem."

We can pretty much guess that we're going to see the likes of Starfield and quite possibly Senua's Saga: Hellblade II and Forza Motorsport, but what are your wild predictions that you think might come true during the showcase?

For example, will a new Killer Instinct might finally be announced? Will Banjo-Threeie become a reality? Will Microsoft go crazy and acquire Nintendo?! Probably not, but it's an entertaining example of a "wild prediction" all the same.

We're intrigued to hear what wild predictions you've got for this year's Xbox Games Showcase — or failing that, just tell us what you'd absolutely love to see in this year's event if you could get your way, whether it's a realistic wish or not!

What are your wild predictions for the Xbox Games Showcase? Tell us down in the comments below.