Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (October 14-15)

Ready for the weekend? We've got plenty of good stuff to try on Xbox over the next few days, including two new Xbox Game Pass releases, four Free Play Days offerings, and over 700 deals available on the Xbox Store right now!

Here's what we're playing this weekend:

Fraser Gilbert, Editor

For once, I'm kind of stumped about what to play this weekend! Forza Motorsport isn't really calling to me right now for whatever reason, so I'm thinking of maybe jumping back into Red Dead Redemption 2 or even checking out some Alan Wake Remastered ahead of the sequel's arrival later this month. That might be a good idea.

EA Sports FC 24 and NHL 24 are both still in my rotation as well, and I know there have been plenty of grumbles in both communities already, but I'm enjoying them this year! I feel like the gameplay has taken a notable step up, so I can see myself sticking around with these two sports titles for much longer than I did in 2022.

Have a good weekend, folks!

Ben Kerry, Staff Writer

Howdy! I'll probably be spending a bit more time with the Modern Warfare 3 beta this weekend before it wraps up early next week. I've already put plenty of time into it across PlayStation and Xbox, but I've been having a great time so far, so why not squeeze a few more hours in before the game's full release, eh?

Other than taking names in MW3 multiplayer, I might give Redfall another whirl this weekend. I hardly played Arkane's vampiric shooter at launch — largely because of the lack of a 60FPS mode — but that's now been corrected and I no longer have an excuse for not trying it out! Despite its issues Redfall still appeals to me in some weird way - so I'll try and go into it with a clear mind and see what I make of things!

Enjoy your weekend, PXers!

Craig Reid, Video Producer

Ahoy folks! I thought I’d be playing more Cocoon this weekend but silly old me completed it already. If you haven’t played it yet, please do, it’s fantastic. So instead I’ll be reinstalling Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042. Both games recently dropped a new season update packed full of cool bits and bobs, so I’m keen to see what they’re like!

I’ll also be giving the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta another go. It’s kinda good!

Have a lovely weekend!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.