Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (August 5-6)

Welcome to the weekend! As usual, there's plenty to enjoy on Xbox this weekend including the recent new additions of Venba, Celeste and A Short Hike on Xbox Game Pass, and the team's selection of Free Play Days titles of course!

Here's what we're playing this weekend:

Ben Kerry, Staff Writer

I'm definitely going to be checking out A Short Hike this weekend after its arrival on Xbox Game Pass! I played through Venba earlier in the week and really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to spending some of my weekend with another indie Game Pass title.

Other than that, I might dip back into Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone in some form. A big in-game reveal event is planned for Call of Duty 2023 during Season 05, and I barely played during Season 04 so it could be a good time to hop back in. There looks like a decent amount of new content this season too!

Have a lovely weekend, folks.

Craig Reid, Video Producer

Play games… at the weekend? Yes please! Having rolled credits on the mammoth single-player narrative that is Red Dead Redemption 2 this week, I’ve been feeling a bit worn out (in a good way though) so I’ve been trying out shorter games as a palette cleanser.

Game Pass’ recent additions have been spot on the money. Venba was short, sweet and utterly wonderful. TOEM was charming and very laid-back - managed to bag 1000g for both too, which I’m all about right now! So, in that same spirit, I thought I’d give A Short Hike a whirl in between sessions of DnD goodness in Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC - man, I wish it launched on Xbox this year! Hopefully soon. Oh, and I’ll be checking out the Payday 3 closed beta with some friends.

Happy gaming, folks!

Ollie Reynolds, Contributor

This weekend, I’m going to be playing a bit of Silent Hill 2 on the Xbox via the HD Collection. Now, I’m sure many of you will turn your nose up at that, but it really doesn’t matter; I love a bit of Comic Sans in my horror games anyway; gives them an extra oomph, in my opinion.

Elsewhere, I’m quite keen to try out Far Cry 6, and I know the Gold Edition is currently on offer on the Xbox store, so I might finally dive into that this weekend. I wasn’t overly fond of the fifth entry, despite its irresistible ‘religious cult is completely insane’ premise, but, hopefully Far Cry 6 has more engaging gameplay.

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.