The Quick Resume feature for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been back in the news this week thanks to a new "pinning" option making its way through the Xbox Insider rings, with more improvements on the way in the future.

And so, given that it's getting a bit of attention at the moment, we're interested to know how useful you find Quick Resume to be on the two new Xbox consoles. It was one of the highlight features when the Series X and S launched back in 2020, promising the ability to return to a game instantly without having to load it up from scratch, and it's received some welcome upgrades over the past 12 months such as the ability to view all active QR games.

We love Quick Resume here at Pure Xbox, but not everyone is always in agreement — the feature does have its downsides, such as not being supported for all titles, and disconnecting players from multiplayer servers when using it, so we can see why you might choose not to engage with it very often depending on the games you play.

How important is it to you, then? Do you find Quick Resume to be an invaluable feature that has saved you loads of time over the past year-or-so, or is it a throwaway feature that you really don't care for? Tell us in the comments below.

How Useful Is Quick Resume On Xbox Series X|S?