Xbox Getting Ability To View Quick Resume Games

One of the best features on Xbox Series X|S is the ability to put games into a Quick Resume state, but the main problem people have had is not being able to see which games have been left running in the background. Thankfully, Xbox has been listening to our feedback and is introducing a way to help make this easier.

As revealed by Brad Rossetti, a member of the Xbox team on the Preview Program, both Alpha Skip and Alpha Users are having a Quick Resume group added to their dashboard from today. The feature is said to show all actively running Quick Resume titles in one place. This should be pretty helpful for anyone who may have games left running in the background.

These features usually take a fair few weeks to come out publicly but at least we know it's coming. Xbox previously said it was listening and looking into options, and we're just glad that it's come around fairly quickly. If you're in the preview program, you're a lucky participant. As for everyone else, the April update has made its way to Xbox consoles and is available to download now with a bunch of new nifty features.

Are you glad to see this feature finally introduced? Let us know in the comments below.

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