Xbox Is Getting A Brand-New Quick Resume Feature Very Soon
Image: Eden Marie, Xbox

Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S can be a very handy tool, allowing you to instantly jump back into games without having to load them from scratch, and you'll be glad to know it's getting a slight upgrade very soon.

A new feature has begun rolling out to Alpha Xbox Insiders that allows you to "pin" two specific games to your Quick Resume menu. This means that instead of losing them accidentally or overwriting them by playing lots of games at once, you can select two titles that will always remain in your Quick Resume rotation:

It's the sort of feature that could come in handy if you tend to play lots of games, or at least if you have a couple of titles that you particularly like coming back to again and again. Keep them pinned, and you know they're always there.

This feature is only available for Alpha Xbox Insiders at the time of writing, and there's no timeframe for when it'll be rolling out to the wider public, although we expect it'll only be a matter of weeks

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