Talking Point: Have You Ever Bought Any Official Xbox Merchandise?
Image: Xbox Gear Shop

On quiet Tuesdays like this, all kinds of conversations come up at Pure Xbox HQ, and today the topic is official Xbox merchandise. Specifically, we're interested in knowing if you personally have ever bought anything like this.

Obviously we're not talking about controllers or consoles here. Instead, we're referring to the kinds of things you can get at the Xbox Gear Shop, or probably at your local store - clothes, lamps, mugs, notebooks... there's so much out there!

And you know what? We're also going to count the Xbox donuts, cake, fridge and toaster (what a lineup!):

It wouldn't be Pure Xbox if we didn't have some merchandise ourselves, so we've got a bunch of stuff that's been picked up over the years. We've even got that Bomber Jacket you see above, although be warned that it doesn't come cheap!

So, let's hear from you. Have you ever bought any official Xbox merchandise, and if you have, what did you buy? Has it been worth the money in your opinion? Any recommendations to share with us? We'd love to get your thoughts.

Have You Ever Bought Xbox Merchandise?

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