The Xbox Series S Toaster Is Real, And It's Out Now In The US

Way back in March 2023 we caught the bread-scented rumour that an Xbox Series S Toaster could be in the works, following the arrival of the popular Xbox Series X mini fridges. We couldn't quite believe what we were seeing at the time, but as it turns out, the Series S Toaster is real - and it's available right now in the US.

Live on the Walmart website, the 'Xbox Series S 2 Slice Toaster' is up for purchase at $39.99, and has four 5-star reviews at the time of writing. We don't think many people have spotted this new appliance just yet!

"Meet the Xbox Series S Toaster. This appliance will take your kitchen countertop to the next level. The shade selector dial lets you toast your bread, English muffins, frozen waffles, and bagels exactly how you like them every time, anywhere from lightly toasted to dark. Multiple family members or roommates? Keep a list of everyone's settings to score the group breakfast bonus.

The countdown timer lets you know how much longer until your toast pops up. No more breakfast-induced jump scares or trying to spread butter on bread that's already gone cold because you were trying to find a good save point. But wait—here’s more. It imprints the Xbox sphere logo on your bread while it’s heating it. It's the next generation toasting console. Get yours today."

We think it deserves some attention though - this thing seems great. It actually looks like an Xbox Series S from top-to-bottom (with some additional toasty dials and such), and it even toasts an Xbox logo right onto your chosen slice of carby goodness. What more could you want!

We're hoping this makes its way to the UK soon, alongside the company's latest replica fridge which ditches the 'thermocooler' tech and delivers a proper refrigerator in its third iteration. Soon, we're going to have no space left for normal-looking food appliances - Xbox kitchen vibes all the way!

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Feeling all warm and toasty now that this is available to buy? Tell us what you make of the Series S Toaster down below.