Talking Point: Has Your Gaming Slowed Down As You've Got Older?

In two years' time, we're going to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original Xbox, and that's a slightly scary thought if you're of a certain age! We can very much recall enjoying the OG console in its heyday, and yet the reality is that plenty of fully-grown adults weren't even born when it first released. Ooft, that one hurts.

It's also got us thinking about how we've spent our time gaming as we've gotten older. Personally, I'm still playing a lot of Xbox games in 2024 — probably more than ever — but I also feel the weight of responsibility that comes with being an adult. There's always that feeling of, "I should be doing something else", and that can be hard to shake.

Of course, all of that multiplies when you've got a stressful job, a family to raise and support, and various other elements that can reduce your ability to play games. That's why many people prefer shorter titles rather than big 100+ hour adventures, and why devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck have proved so popular.

There's no right way or wrong way of doing this - like me, you might find that you play more games now than you ever used to. But what we're particularly interested in here is how your gaming habits have evolved as you've got older. You can vote on this in the poll below, but please do share your personal experience in the comments as well!

Has Your Gaming Slowed Down As You've Got Older?

So, has your gaming slowed down as you've got older? Tell us in the comments, and don't forget to vote above!