Talking Point: Do You Prefer Shorter Or Longer Games In General?

Today, we were treated to a bunch of hands-on previews for Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, and as part of them, Ninja Theory studio head Dom Matthews told IGN that the team has found an audience that enjoys shorter games.

Matthews says that he's "really pleased" to see so many people liking shorter and very focused experiences in general, as the idea behind Hellblade 2 is for the "game length to be appropriate for the story that we want to tell". For the record, the length of this sequel is said to be around eight hours, which is very similar to the original.

"I think there's a lot of pressure on people's time these days and I think our fans, from what we hear from them, they enjoy a shorter game where our intention is that every step of that journey is meaningful… There's an audience of people that want games that are focused."

We'll put our hands up and say we definitely fall into this camp! Long games with tens of hours' worth of playtime are fantastic in theory (and often in practice), but they can also be an overwhelming prospect when you can only fit a few hours of game time into your schedule each week. That's what growing old does to you!

Then again, we can totally understand the opposite viewpoint as well. Elden Ring, Dragon's Dogma 2, Persona 5 Royal, Starfield, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth and so many other behemoths are some of the best Xbox games of the entire generation, and they're absolutely massive time sinks!

So, let's get some opinions here! Are you more partial to a shorter game or a longer game? Where do live service games and other multiplayer-focused titles fit into the equation? We'd love to hear your thoughts down in the comments.

Do You Prefer Shorter Or Longer Games In General? (537 votes)

  1. I prefer shorter games (0-10 hours)29%
  2. Somewhere in the middle (11-30 hours)49%
  3. I prefer longer games (31+ hours)21%
  4. I actually prefer games that don't have set lengths (Fortnite, EA Sports FC, etc)1%

Does 8 Hours Sound Like A Decent Length For Hellblade 2? (498 votes)

  1. Yes, no issues with that at all!53%
  2. It's perfectly fine, but I would have loved more15%
  3. Sounds OK I guess?9%
  4. That seems a little too much on the short side12%
  5. 8 hours? That's way too short!10%

Do you prefer shorter or longer games in general? Come and tell us!