During the Xbox Games Showcase this year, Microsoft unveiled three brand-new Xbox Series X|S console revisions coming in late 2024 - and we want to know if the Pure Xbox audience is planning on picking up any of these shiny new systems later in the year.

Across the new lineup, we've got a 1TB White Xbox Series S, an all-digital 1TB White Xbox Series X, and a new 2TB Galaxy Black Xbox Series X. The three new systems run the gamut when it comes to pricing - right from $350 on the low end up to a whopping $600 for that Xbox Series X with upgraded storage.

Here at the PX offices, we're a little underwhelmed by these new options and probably won't be picking any of them up. This writer has the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox Series X which he'll likely never part with unless it goes kaput, while the rest of us on existing Xbox Series X and S models just aren't that enthused by any of these new offerings.

We will say that it's nice to finally see a 2TB Xbox Series X|S model on the market, but that price is eye-watering when it launches four years after the generation first began way back in 2020. We get that the price of things just isn't coming down like it has in past, but, a $600 Xbox Series X is a tough sell in 2024.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on these new systems? Do you have one of them earmarked for picking up later this year? Vote in the polls down below and let us know your 2024 Xbox hardware plans!

Are You Buying A 2024 Xbox Series X|S Model? (2,063 votes)

  1. Yes20%
  2. No64%
  3. Not Sure Yet16%

If The Answer Is Yes, Which Console Are You Buying? (1,000 votes)

  1. 1TB White Xbox Series S10%
  2. 1TB All-Digital Xbox Series X28%
  3. 2TB Galaxy Black Xbox Series X62%