During the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft unveiled a fresh lineup of console revisions for Holiday 2024, including a new 1TB model of Xbox Series S. This new version of the Series S looks identical to the existing 512GB model that launched in 2020 - and it appears to be phasing out 2023's Carbon Black model.

Yep, last year Microsoft already introduced a 1TB Series S into its Xbox console lineup, but it was only available in the Carbon Black format. However, once these three new systems arrive later this year, the black Series S will apparently be discontinued.

In the video up above, YouTube channel 'This Is' checks out the three new systems, and host Austin Evans goes on to say that Microsoft is refreshing its lineup - with white consoles becoming the de-facto digital models and any black consoles effectively being your disc-based options moving forward.

Eurogamer has had an update on this from Microsoft, too. In response to the outlet asking whether existing Xbox Series models will be phased out later this year, Microsoft confirmed that the two 2020 models are here to stay, while reiterating the full Xbox console lineup for Fall 2024:

"This holiday, players will have the choice of Xbox Series S ($299.99 USD ERP), Xbox Series S - 1TB ($349.99/€349.99), Xbox Series X - 1TB Digital Edition ($449.99/€499.99 ERP), Xbox Series X -1TB with ODD ($499.99 USD ERP), and Xbox Series X - 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition ($599.99/€649.99 ERP). Console availability will vary by market."

So, there you have it, the Carbon Black model is nowhere to be seen in this lineup - and it appears to be getting phased out for the new, 1TB white Xbox Series S. At the time of writing, the Carbon Black model is still available at UK retailers, and we'd expect stores to be shifting these over the next few months before the new models come to market.

Do you have a Black Series S? Will you be trying to get hold of one before they disappear? Tell us your thoughts down below.