Talking Point: Are You Enjoying 'High On Life' On Xbox Game Pass?

High on Life has been in players' hands for a few days now, with the game marking one of 2022's final major Xbox releases. Luckily for us, that release has included a day one Xbox Game Pass arrival, allowing millions of Xbox fans to go hands-on this week.

There's quite a lot to High on Life — including the ability to watch full movies within the game itself — so we don't expect many players to have finished the whole thing just yet. Having said that, Justin Roiland's latest effort certainly makes itself known early on!

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So, how have you been finding High on Life so far? Is it exactly what you expected from the Rick and Morty creator? Has it exceeded your expectations, or were you hoping for a little bit more from this crazy shooter?

We're interested to see what you think!

How have you been finding High on Life on Xbox Game Pass? Vote in the poll and let us know!

What Score Would You Give 'High On Life' So Far?