High on Life

High on Life has now entered the lives of Xbox Game Pass players, and it's safe to say the game's unique brand of comedy has proved divisive. The gist of things is that some people will love it and some people will hate it, which is probably to be expected looking at Justin Roiland's previous work, and the content within High on Life of course.

While Roiland & co. likely expected some of this divisiveness, it didn't stop the team at Squanch Games from creating the bonkers shooter that they wanted to make. In a recent interview with Xbox's Major Nelson, Roiland said "the passion of the team" enabled them to cram as much as they could into High on Life's crazy world:

"There’s so many, — oh my god — there’s so many off-the-golden-path things in this game that people are going to continue to be discovering for months, which is not the norm, you know? Usually, it’s like, ‘OK we’ve got to really focus on the primary golden path.’ And we have so much stuff that’s like- we could have cut a lot of it. The reason that that all made it in is just the passion of the team."

Roiland also compared the game to Fallout 3, citing how Bethesda's RPG encouraged exploration and did a good job at taking into account how players would react to finding hidden secrets.

"I’m the kind of player that, when I’m bought into a game right away; like, a good example would be Fallout 3… I am taking my time, I’m poking around, I’m kind of going around the edges of the map. I want to see everything and see, ‘What did they think players might do, and what kind of response did they build in?… That’s just fun stuff that I love in games."

The full interview is now live in video form, if you'd like to hear a little more about Justin Roiland's vision for High on Life.

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