Random: High On Life Includes The Full Versions Of Four Classic Movies

If you've been playing High on Life on Xbox Game Pass this week, you may have noticed that the game includes some real-world movie content — in fact, it actually includes four feature-length films from the 70s, 80s and 90s!

The one that's getting the most attention right now is Tammy and the T-Rex, which is a 1994 sci-fi horror comedy film starring the likes of Denise Richards and Paul Walker. You can watch this along with Gene in your house, or view it via the Movie Theater when you unlock that feature further into the game.

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The other three films in High on Life are Vampire Hookers (1978), Blood Harvest (1987) and Demon Wind (1990). Watching any of these in the Movie Theater will unlock the “We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole MovieXbox achievement, although don't worry — you don't have to watch the entire movie from start to finish!

If you tried High on Life yesterday and suffered some performance issues, it's worth going back and downloading the day one patch, which fortunately has made the game much, much smoother on Xbox Series X and S specifically:

How are you finding High on Life so far? Tell us down in the comments below.