Talking Point: 10 Years Later, What Do You Think Of 'The Master Chief Collection' In 2024?

As ridiculous as it might seem, 2024 marks ten years since the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection! That makes us feel very old, although to be honest it's actually more like nine years right now (it released in November 2014).

Anyway, the point is that it's been a long time since this first arrived in a rough state on Xbox One! Halo: MCC suffered with some major online matchmaking issues back at launch, which took a while to be fully ironed out.

Once we got past that though, we were treated to a truly outstanding Halo experience that has continued to improve extensively over the past decade. As time has gone on, the collection has received various upgrades and a ridiculous amount of amazing free content, turning it into the essential way to enjoy these classic Xbox games.

That said, it seems as though 343 Industries is pretty much done with it now. It appears that development on Halo: The Master Chief Collection officially ceased back in July, and therefore we shouldn't expect any further content to arrive in 2024. That's a massive shame, but obviously there has to be a cutoff point eventually.

So, as things very slowly begin to wind down for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, how are you feeling about it in 2024? Are you still playing it regularly? Do you think 343 Industries did a good job with it? Let us know down below!

10 years later, what do you think of Halo: The Master Chief Collection 2024? Tell us in the comments.

What Do You Think Of Halo: MCC In 2024? (825 votes)

  1. It's absolutely incredible still! An amazing effort from 343!62%
  2. It's definitely good, but not quite "incredible"24%
  3. It's not bad at all, a decent collection9%
  4. I'm a little bit disappointed with it to be honest3%
  5. I think they did a poor job with Halo: MCC actually!3%

Are You Still Playing It To This Day? (768 votes)

  1. All the time! It's regularly in my rotation14%
  2. I play it quite often, yeah26%
  3. Now and again38%
  4. Rarely, but it's been known14%
  5. I can't say I ever play it to be honest!8%