Halo: Master Chief Collection July Update Includes Huge Changes To Firefight Mode

343 is back again with another Halo: Master Chief Collection update, and July 2023's drop feels busier than ever with big changes to Firefight, Halo 3 game mode support and more.

The headline additions are for Firefight in this month's update, with plenty of new options coming to the collection on July 12th. The team is (finally) adding the ability to join Firefight matches in progress, which means you don't have to start from scratch to get playing some MCC PvE. This is true for both public and custom games, and Firefight matches will also be added as a new option for the Custom Games Browser as a result of the new join-in-progress options.

That's not all either. Although this feature won't be applied for regular matchmade games (at least for now), the team is upping the max player count for custom Firefight matches. Custom lobbies will now be able to go up to eight players total from the previous max of four for some proper Firefight mayhem!

Elsewhere in the July update, 343 is adding Theater mode support to Halo 4's campaign & Spartan Ops modes, and Escalation Slayer is coming to Halo 3 - a game mode where teams progress through multiple weapon tiers as they take down enemy Spartans. Escalation Slayer is available within other MCC Halo titles, and Infinite of course, but it's now coming to Halo 3!

There are lots of other smaller changes and additions coming in tomorrow's Master Chief Collection update too, with all the details laid out in a new Halo Waypoint blog post.

Are you still playing the Master Chief Collection in 2023? Let us know if you'll be testing out these new Firefight options down below!