Call Of Duty: Warzone Ditches '2.0' Title As Free Season 4 Content Is Revealed 1

Activision has lifted the lid on its latest season of Call of Duty content, and it marks quite a shift in messaging for MW2 and particularly Warzone 2.0. Basically, the team has ditched the '2.0' naming of the 2022 version of Warzone as we move into Season 4 - which brings another brand new map to the CoD battle royale.

This comes across as a tad confusing considering Warzone still exists, but we guess that the old game will be known as 'Warzone Caldera' (which it's currently branded as), while the new version becomes known simply as 'Warzone'. Right, got it.

Anyway, outside of the name change, Season 4 is pretty much business as usual. The new battle royale map 'Vondel' is a more close-quarters affair - sitting in between current Warzone maps Al Mazrah and Ashika Island in terms of overall size.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Ditches '2.0' Title As Free Season 4 Content Is Revealed 2

As you can see in the roadmap up above, there's plenty to be going at within Modern Warfare 2 this season as well. We have a couple of new 6v6 maps including the return of Call of Duty 4 classic 'Showdown', alongside two small-scale Gunfight maps, two large Battle maps and a couple of 12v12 game modes.

Of course, the new weapons, operators and bundle skins can be used across both the newly-branded Warzone (that's going to confuse us for a wee bit here) and Modern Warfare 2... we'll get used to it! Season 4 kicks off across both titles on Wednesday, June 14, with additional content promised later in-season.

Are you going to be playing any of this Season 4 CoD content? Let us know if this new Warzone naming confuses you too down below.