Rarely does a video game stay in my regular rotation as often as this one, so I thought I'd take some time today to remember its anniversary. Even long-tail multiplayer offerings that are supported for ages typically lose my attention after a couple of years, but there's something about DICE's debut Xbox One title that's still incredibly fun to this day. Yep, 2013's Battlefield 4 just turned 10 (at least the Xbox 360/PC/PS3 version did) over the weekend - and I'm here to remind y'all that it's still well-populated and very good fun in 2023.

This was the Swedish developer's first foray into full-scale Battlefield on console, and boy did they knock it out of the park. Yes, it suffered from a buggy launch and yes, it probably should have been delayed due to the amount of platforms it had to release on in late 2013, but the core of the game was always fantastic and the team managed to turn things around in a big way post-launch.

Soapbox: 10-Year Old FPS Remains One Of The Best On Xbox Game Pass

Truth be told, I'd always been pretty jealous of the PC Battlefield 3 experience a couple of years prior in 2011 - the 360 version of that game was okay but it just didn't compare to the full 64-player experience. We finally got that with BF4 when it made its Xbox One debut shortly after the initial launch, and despite those early issues I mentioned, I've still been playing this game on the regular ever since.

The game's gunplay is fantastic; the interplay between infantry classes, vehicular combat, gadgets, environmental destruction and all the rest of it is largely unmatched to this day. A few of the Battlefield titles that arrived later last generation got some of these elements right - but things never came together the way they did with Battlefield 4. Call of Duty has done its best to go large-scale in recent years as well, and while that's been fun in its own right, Battlefield's vehicular gameplay and destruction elements play a big role in what makes BF4 so special.

You might think, this game is a bit old now isn't it? How does it play 10 years later? Well, a couple of Xbox features really do help smooth out the experience in 2023. First off, the game is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thanks to EA Play ā€” meaning there's always populated servers going ā€” and secondly, Battlefield 4 supports FPS Boost on Xbox Series X and S - providing smooth 120FPS gameplay on both current-gen Xbox consoles. The visuals might not be the best a decade after launch, but the title still holds up in the all-important gameplay department.

I will admit there's not much to go at here for single-player or co-op fans, but if you're into your PvP shooters Battlefield 4 is still absolutely worth playing on Xbox Game Pass in 2023. Battlefield 2042 does an okay job and is much improved in its own right since launch, but for my money it still doesn't quite cut the mustard - Battlefield 4 remains the best Battlefield on Game Pass, and one of the best FPS titles in the library.

Any of you still play Battlefield 4, or is it just me that's stuck in 2013? Tell us your favourite Game Pass FPS titles down below!