Poll: What Score Would You Give 'Scorn' On Xbox Game Pass?

It's been such a busy week for Xbox Game Pass with the arrivals of A Plague Tale: Requiem and Persona 5 Royal (amongst others), that we're almost beginning to forget about Scorn - it only launched this time last week!

Considering it's been seven days now, we're hoping you've had a chance to at least give it a try (if you wanted to), and we're interested to know what you think! In our review here at Pure Xbox, we gave Scorn a "Good" 7/10 score, calling it a "memorably gruesome puzzlebox adventure". Here's a bit more of what we had to say:

"Scorn may make a few missteps here and there, with some short-lived but shoddy combat sequences and puzzles that grow a little repetitive as the game reaches its climax, but none of this really takes away from the artistic achievement at core of this adventure. Ebb Software's debut is one of the most gruesome, thought-provoking and completely alien experiences we've had in a very long time."

The rest of the critics had mixed views on Scorn, with some giving it even better scores than we did here at Pure Xbox, while others went as low as 4/10! It's fair to say, then, that Scorn is a game that divides opinion amongst its playerbase.

So, what about you? How have you been finding Scorn on Xbox Game Pass so far? Did it manage to surpass your expectations, is it pretty much what you'd hoped for, or have you been completely let down by it? What do you think of the puzzles, and have you been using our Scorn Walkthrough Guide to help you along the way?

Tell us what you think of Scorn down in the poll and comments below!

What Score Would You Give Scorn So Far?