Poll: Have This Week's Xbox Game Pass Releases Lived Up To The Hype?

This week has seen some huge titles arrive day one on Xbox Game Pass, following an impressive start to the month with the launch of Starfield. Lies of P kicked things off at the beginning of the week, before Party Animals and Payday 3 rounded out a jam-packed few days for the service.

And so, we want to know if you've been making the most of this incredible week for Xbox Game Pass. Have you been playing any of these three titles? If so, which have you enjoyed the most so far?

Here at Pure Xbox HQ we've put plenty of time into these new Game Pass arrivals, particularly Lies of P and Party Animals which both scored highly in our pair of written reviews. We'll drop a link to those down below, along with our early impressions of Payday 3.

September 2023 has definitely been one for the books when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, and we're not even finished yet! Let's not get ahead of ourselves though - vote in the poll down below and let us know which of this week's Game Pass additions you've been enjoying the most:

Which Of These Have You Enjoyed The Most So Far? (219 votes)

  1. Lies of P67%
  2. Party Animals26%
  3. Payday 38%