Poll: Did You Ever Buy The 'Chatpad' For Your Xbox Controller?

Remember the Official Xbox Chatpad? These accessories have been around since the Xbox 360 era (even longer actually, but the original Xbox version never got released), allowing you to plug a mini keyboard into your controller.

Back in those days, these things were pretty popular! They were a great way to message your friends on Xbox Live and type into in-game lobbies, as well as perform tasks like redeeming codes for Microsoft Points. The Xbox One then received a new Official Chatpad a few years later, which still actually works on Series X and Series S controllers!

The thing is, the Chatpad has become kind of obsolete these days. We're seeing less and less of them in the wild now for a few reasons - Microsoft doesn't sell them anymore, keyboard and mouse support is now heavily integrated into consoles, and you can also use a variety of mobile and PC apps to message friends and redeem codes instead.

Nevertheless, we're still interested to know if you ever bought one of these Chatpads for your Xbox controller, whether it was the Xbox 360 era or the Xbox One era, and whether you're still using it on Xbox One, Series X or Series S today!

Did you buy the Chatpad for your Xbox controller? Tell us down in the comments below!

Did You Buy The Xbox Chatpad?