It's almost time, folks! Dead Island 2's long awaited arrival is finally happening next week, with this resurrected zombie slasher coming to Xbox platforms on April 21st - almost a decade after it was first revealed.

Of course, back then there was a whole different development team behind the project, and it no doubt looked quite a bit different at that stage. Remarkably though the game has indeed been salvaged by Dambuster Studios, and we want to know how excited you are about its release in 2023!

Perhaps even more remarkable is that the game seems to be coming together pretty nicely. Recent gameplay showcases have gone down favourably with fans, and we were quite impressed too in our recent hands-on preview of the game.

Dead Island 2 seemingly won't reinvent the wheel or anything like that, but the fact that it's coming together as a complete project is kind of miraculous in itself. Anyway, yeah, are you still hyped for this one? Or has its long development period made your interest wane?

Vote in the poll down below and let us know where you're at!

Are You Still Excited For Dead Island 2 In 2023? (844 votes)

  1. Hell yeah! The game looks fantastic40%
  2. I'm very interested, but I'll be holding out for reviews!27%
  3. It looks good, but it's a busy few months on Xbox so I might wait12%
  4. Meh, I've lost interest in the years since its announcement10%
  5. Nope, Dead Island 2 never appealed to me in the first place!11%