Alright, so CrossfireX has been out for a little while now, and hopefully you've had a chance (if you're interested) to check it out. We all saw the initial impressions, which unfortunately weren't good at all, and even led to the game's Executive Producer issuing a personal apology for the state of the game at launch.

The multiplayer in particular has been getting criticism so far for its lack of content and poor controls, which developer Smilegate has responded to, promising a variety of improvements starting in late February and early March.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Game Pass launch of the Operation Catalyst campaign was delayed by five days, and it's a shame because it's actually alright — it's just a bit generic and bland, as we noted in our "hands on" feature about it.

But what about you? Not everyone's going to have the same opinion about CrossfireX, so we're interested to know how you'd review the game based on what you've played so far. Is it as bad as some people are saying, or are you actually quite enjoying your time with it? Give us your score down in the comments below.

What Score Would You Give CrossfireX Right Now?