CrossfireX Is Out Now On Game Pass, And First Impressions Aren't Good At All

CrossfireX has been a highly-anticipated release on Xbox Game Pass for a long time now, but unfortunately it looks like it's got off to a very poor start — at least according to people who have played it in the first few hours.

The game went live at midnight GMT last night (with no reviews released prior to launch whatsoever), and players immediately took to social media and the game's Reddit community to share their disappointment with the game:

We should point out that there are pockets of players who are also saying they're enjoying the game, but the general consensus so far seems to be that it's lacking content and has been rushed out the gate with poor controls.

Most of these reports seem to be for the free-to-play multiplayer component of CrossfireX, so it remains to be seen how the single-player campaign (developed by Remedy Entertainment) fares. We saw a few previews of it prior to launch which were hit-and-miss about its quality, so it'll be interesting to see the kind of reception it gets now.

Don't forget that you can try 1 of the 2 campaigns with Xbox Game Pass at no extra charge — "Operation Catalyst".

Have you played CrossfireX on Xbox yet? How are you finding it? Let us know in the comments below.

How Are You Finding CrossfireX On Xbox?