CrossfireX Developer Responds To 'Concerns' From Xbox Players

CrossfireX hasn't been out for a full day yet, and fans are already spotting plenty of issues. One of the biggest is an aim-down-sight bug that's causing the input not to work properly. Thankfully, a fix is coming.

Smilegate has been quick to address launch concerns. In a developer update the team has listed its current priorities for CrossfireX. There are some notable bugs in here, alongside a hint at new content. Here's what the team is working on:

"We have heard a lot of great comments and concerns over the past 12 hours. Player feedback is very important to us, and we are working to address many of the issues."

  • Aim-down-sight with the CAR-4 - An ADS bug is affecting this weapon, causing players to zoom in and out unintentionally.
  • Aim settings - More customizable aim settings are coming, including options to tweak aim acceleration, sensitivity, dead zones, and aim assist.
  • Sliding - A collision bug when sliding is being looked at, along with the speed reduction experienced while sliding.
  • Boogieman imbalance - Several balance aspects are being looked into, including health recovery and XP gain while in the Boogieman state.
  • Maps - Smilegate is working to add more maps to both the 'Classic' and 'Modern' multiplayer modes.

These fixes are in the works for the next update, which is currently scheduled to release in early March, although we're not sure if that includes any new maps. If you're planning on diving into the campaign instead, check out our guide on how to install it, as the process isn't as simple as it seems.

What are your thoughts on CrossfireX so far? Let us know in the comments.