• Review Ironcast (Xbox One)

    Take That, Jeremy, You Bounder!

    Ironcast is an odd beast. After a successful Kickstarter campaign by its developers Dreadbit, the game was released on PC back in May 2015. The conversion to console is now here, and we can see what all the fuss has been about. At its heart, Ironcast is a simple colour-matching puzzle game, but the strategy and...


  • Review Extreme Exorcism (Xbox One)

    Scarily addictive platfoming

    The resurgence of retro-inspired platformers is something that has not gone unnoticed. Through the [email protected] program, more and more of these little titles appear to be popping up on Xbox One and their popularity speaks volumes about the genre itself. Extreme Exorcism is one such title. Giving a twist to the established...


  • Review Pure Pool (Xbox One)

    Pure and too simple

    When it comes to sports simulations, snooker and pool have a rich and varied history. From the simple Trick Shot for the Atari 2600, via Side Pocket on the NES, Archer Maclean’s Pool for the Amiga and Atari ST, Virtua Pool for DOS, Pool Paradise on PlayStation 2 and Hustle Kings for the PlayStation 3, we’ve reached our...


  • Review Stick it To The Man (Xbox One)

    Where the sun don't shine

    You know you have a great game on your hands when you start a new game immediately after the end credits have rolled. That’s exactly what happened after experiencing the weirdness and strangeness of Stick it To The Man, the latest from Swedish developer Zoink! Games. The weird and the strange is what makes Stick it To The...