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First Wulverblade Trailer Slices It Up

Posted by Ken Barnes

Old-school cool.

The first trailer from Fully Illustrated's ID@Xbox title Wulverblade has been launched today, to coincide with the opening day of PAX East.

The game features some very slick-looking old-school side-scrolling beat-em-up action, and promises to include eight levels, spanning forests, rivers, woodlands, and forts. All of the levels are said to be based on real-world locations, and the game will combine tales of lore and stories plucked right out of ancient British history.

Graphically, the every element of the game will be created at 1080p, meaning that it should end up looking the absolute business when it launches later this year via the Xbox One Games Store. You can check out the trailer below, and colour us interested at the same time.

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fullyilly said:

Thanks for the article Ken, glad you liked the look of the trailer! We've got plenty more to come :)



JamieO said:

I really like the large chunky characters, and the animation details, such as the way each characters’ angry jaws snarl open and shut.

It’s also interesting that Fully Illustrated has set this game in 120AD, and how the skirmishes are against Roman adversaries. Ever since Streets of Rage 2 it’s always nice to see a bit of rain in a brawler, and it adds atmosphere to the backgrounds here. The setting reminds me a bit of the 2011 film The Eagle.

I know from speaking to @fullyilly that the developers have a strong interest in retro side-scrolling hack-and-slash games, from more well discussed classics like Golden Axe, to less well known games like International Games System’s arcade series on PolyGame Master, Knights Of Valour/ Sangoku Senki. Mike from Fully Illustrated actually first introduced me to PolyGame Master arcade machines at Replay in Blackpool years ago.

With extra close-up grab moves like the head-butt in the video, Wulverblade certainly looks like my retro cuppa tea, especially as I think I spotted a snippet of two-player co-op in the trailer.

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