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Here's a List of Useful Kinect Voice Commands

Posted by James Newton

Xbox, inform!

If your Kinect, like a naughty puppy, is failing to obey your simple commands then perhaps this helpful list of voice activation phrases for Kinect will help out.

Most of these phrases are just for use in the Kinect Hub, though some are for use with Sky Player, for example. Remember that this is a partial list of phrases, so if you find any more useful sentences to speak then let us know in the comments below.

To do this, say this

Go to the Kinect Hub Xbox Kinect
Play a disc Xbox play disc
See more options in the Kinect Hub Xbox next or Xbox previous
Sign in to your profile Xbox sign in
Start the Kinect Tuner Xbox Kinect Tuner
Start Kinect ID Xbox Kinect ID
Open or close the disc tray Xbox open tray or Xbox close tray
Go to the Xbox Dashboard Xbox Dashboard
Play music or video Xbox play
Fast-forward music or video Xbox fast-forward
Pause music or video Xbox pause


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They need to add this functionality for all videos (not just Zune).



Crunchewy said:

It stays in recognition mode for a while after you first say Xbox, so for example, you can go page to page by saying, "Xbox next next next next". It's very slickly done, but we did run into the problem today that it doesn't recognize my 9 year olds voice well. It works flawlessly with mine, but not my kids. My 8 year old hasn't tried yet, but I don't have much hope. I hope they'll improve this in an update soon



staticthreat said:

The voice experience with Kinect is seriously lacking. Microsoft needs to overhaul the interface and make EVERYTHING accessible by voice.

Windows 7/Vista helped usher in a better voice recognition system that let you fully control your pc with voice commands, the 360 is completely capable of this minor feat!

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