Helldivers 2 & Ori Bosses Share Their Thoughts On Xbox's Studio Closures

The news of the four studio closures at Xbox continues to dominate the gaming news this week, and we've seen plenty of notable figures (including the boss at Arkane Lyon) sharing their thoughts on the situation as it stands right now.

The CEO of Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Studios, for example, racked up over 16,000 likes with his tweet yesterday, in which he questioned why Tango Gameworks was shutting entirely rather than being divested:

We also saw an interesting reaction from Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler, who pointed to the situation as a reason why his company has never sold to a big publisher - using an example of EA in the '90s about why he was always wary:

"To everyone whose been pestering me for years about why we didn't allow Moon Studios to get acquired by a big publisher... That's why. I've lived through the '90s and saw what happened when smaller studios got acquired by EA. Never again."

However, Mahler also warned that there may have been "inner dealings for a while that'd reasonably explain this situation", and that he's "rarely seen decisions being made on that scale that just make absolutely no sense".

"It could very well be that Microsoft already had prior discussions with these studios and decisions were made to shutter these studios in order to let them reform in a more efficient way only to then make deals with these new ventures again."

"Let's take Tango Gameworks for example. They just made the excellent Hi-Fi Rush, which everyone rightfully loved. And maybe the way to make more of this stuff is for that core team to form a new venture so that they can focus on making more of just that, but not within the - likely bloated - setup they had before."

Whatever the case may be, there are clearly a lot of strong opinions floating around about Xbox's recent slate of studio closures right now, and everyone understandably seems very disappointed about this week's news.

It might take a while, but we're hoping more information will trickle out on exactly why Xbox made these decisions.

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