Multiple Rumours Suggest Perfect Dark Reboot Isn't Going Smoothly At Xbox

Sorry to continue with the doom and gloom, but we've come across a bunch of rumours related to the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot that sadly paint a negative picture of the game's development up until this point.

This started with Jeff Grubb over at Giant Bomb, who stated yesterday that based on what he's heard, the game has been in a rough state for years and it still sounds like it's in a "very" rough state. Here's a quote:

"I've been hearing more and more.. been hearing for years that Perfect Dark is in a rough state, sounds like it's in a very rough state. And it doesn't sound like it's really come together in any way since then (since it was first announced) and like Crystal Dynamics coming on board to come help on that.."

Known leaker shinobi602 also appeared to suggest that Grubb's comments "line up" with what he's heard, and VG247's Alex Donaldson revealed that he could share some "crazy stories" about the game's development if he wanted to:

Obviously these are all just rumours and we don't know for sure what's going on at Xbox in regards to the Perfect Dark reboot right now. For what it's worth, Xbox's Matt Booty mentioned last summer that he'd played builds of the game and was "very excited" for people to check it out for themselves, but it sounds like that won't be anytime soon.

There was also an IGN report last year that claimed Perfect Dark wouldn't release until at least 2025 due to years of struggles, with the outlet mentioning that the game had seen "roadblock after roadblock" and it was still in pre-production as of mid-2023.

What are your thoughts on these Perfect Dark issues at Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

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