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  • News Rogue Legacy 2 Arrives As An Xbox Console Exclusive This Month

    "Rogue Legacy is back!"

    We've got a nice surprise arriving later this month on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the form of Rogue Legacy 2, and for now at least, it's actually an Xbox console exclusive. It launches on Thursday, April 28th. It follows the 2013 original, described as a "genealogical rogue-LITE," which means "it has all...

  • Review Rogue Legacy (Xbox One)

    All in the family

    Procedural generation is a term that is being thrown around quite often lately, and it's one that has a decent amount of stigma going against it. When environmental characteristics and enemy arrangements are decided by an algorithm or line of code, changing the surroundings with every replay, it can make a game feel cheap, and the...