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  • News White Xbox Series X Console Spotted In Astro Headset Ad

    Is this Microsoft's next Series X model?

    Okay, so, this is a weird one. Astro has just dropped a new ad for its upcoming A30 headset revision, and it contains a suite of gaming hardware to match, including a PS5 and an Xbox Series X. However, the Series X system on show is white - a colour scheme we've not yet seen since the generation began. Now,...

  • News Don't Worry, Your Astro Headset Will Still Work On Xbox Series X

    Even without the optical audio port

    Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft has ditched the optical audio port on the Xbox Series X retail model, leading to some confusion about whether certain headsets and certain sound systems will still be compatible. Fortunately, it's now been confirmed that all of Astro Gaming's compatible headsets will continue...