Two Games Are Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (July 9)

Welcome to your latest Xbox Game Pass update! We have two new titles entering the library, including the recent release of Cricket 24 and the well-reviewed Case of the Golden Idol - which makes its Xbox debut today!

Here's an introduction to your Game Pass lineup for July 9th:

Cricket 24 (Console, PC, Cloud)

"Cricket 24 reimagines and enhances the much loved Cricket 22 to include teams from every corner of the globe, creating the most complete video game simulation of cricket seen to date."

The Case of the Golden Idol (Console, PC, Cloud)

"The Case of the Golden Idol is set in the 18th century where you piece together clues and reconstruct the events of mysterious deaths using a unique drag-and-drop evidence mechanic."

Which Of These Will You Be Playing?

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