This week marked the arrival of free-to-play shooter The First Descendant on Xbox and beyond, with the game racking up a huge amount of plays already - including on Xbox where it's quickly jumped into the "Top Free" Xbox charts.

Looking at the Xbox Store, the reviews are a bit of a mess - a lot of them were submitted before the game actually came out, and the same can be said of the Steam store on PC. Over there, The First Descendant has a "Mixed" rating so far.

Here are a couple of contrasting reviews about The First Descendant:

Katsper on Steam: "The First Descendent is a slightly derivative cross between Warframe and Destiny, borrowing a lot while expanding on those foundations in its own way. The overall gameplay and movement is a little clunky but nothing significant, in my opinion, the progression is consistent and satisfying, the combination of RPG, MMO, and social elements is well executed, and the enemies and bosses are entertaining and interesting."

DrewishDude on Steam: "It's not the worst game. Its just isn't good though. Abilities seem somewhat short range, yet you have weapons like scout rifles and sniper rifles with 30x zoom. It is another game where you grind for resources, and burn time doing it. If your looking to burn some time endlessly grinding, this seems like it's it. They also really want to give away your info to 3rd parties. While the game is free the mircotransactions seem incredibly costly. The "ultimate bundle" for any character is just a straight 100$."

A lot of the negativity surrounding The First Descendant seems to be focused on its use of microtransactions and how expensive they are. If you can look past that though, we're also seeing a lot of praise for the gameplay in general, and clearly the game's doing enough overall to attract a large player base at launch.

We still haven't had a chance to go hands-on with The First Descendant just yet here at Pure Xbox, so we're interested to know what your first impressions are down in the poll and comments below. Has it lived up to the hype for you?

What Do You Think Of The First Descendant So Far? (439 votes)

  1. It's amazing, I'm loving it!28%
  2. It's pretty good so far, yeah37%
  3. It's alright, not bad24%
  4. It's pretty disappointing actually8%
  5. It's terrible!3%

What do you think of the The First Descendant on Xbox? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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