Update: Microsoft has now shared a statement about this new Xbox dashboard to Eurogamer, mentioning that the company has "no plans" to develop something along these lines. Here's the quote:

"We currently have no plans for an Xbox Rimac dashboard. For more information about this mockup video, please reach out to the Rimac team."

Original story: Okay, well, this isn't where we expected to see a potential new Xbox dashboard crop up but here we are! Late last week, Top Gear posted a video showcasing a new vehicle from manufacturer Rimac, and eagle-eyed fans spotted a very short clip of a 'new' Xbox dashboard being displayed on the car's infotainment system.

Now, to be clear, we have no extra information on this Xbox home screen and where it's come from. All we know is that it looks rather different to any of Microsoft's existing dashboard experiences across its console, PC and cloud gaming offerings.

Here's that very brief clip posted to social media:

As the tweet up above suggests, this does look quite mobile/handheld focused - could it be something the team is prototyping right now for its much-rumoured handheld device? Could it be part of a general overhaul of the Xbox console dashboard? Or, is it a throwaway screen made just for this prototype vehicle? Honestly, we're not sure, but it's an interesting thing to spot and ponder over nonetheless.

The video goes on to say that the Rimac shown off here is more of a "room-on-wheels" than an actual car, and the manufacturer "wanted to emulate the feeling that you have in your own living room" inside the cabin. Well, we definitely have Xboxes in our living rooms, and we're curious to see if anything from this new dashboard design actually makes it way to an Xbox system.

PXers, what do you make of this? Do you think this new layout will actually be used in a consumer product? Discuss down below.