Image: Pure Xbox

Xbox today revealed some new versions of existing hardware, but there was no mention of any "handheld" system despite ongoing rumours.

If you are wondering what's going on there, during the same chat with IGN, Xbox's Phil Spencer has kind of acknowledged these rumours. While he didn't want to say or reveal anything specific, generally speaking, he thinks the "future" for Xbox in hardware is going to be "pretty awesome".

According to Spencer, there'll be a "time to come out and talk more about platform", but he didn't make any further comments.

However, when speaking about an Xbox handheld hypothetically during the same interview, he mentioned how "very important" it would be for a device like this to be able to play the game locally (in other words natively) rather than with the requirement of an internet connection, like xCloud.

This follows certain rumours which have suggested a native handheld Xbox system is apparently in the prototype phase. Sarah Bond has also previously mentioned how some hardware news will be shared around Holiday 2024.

Would you be interested in an Xbox handheld that could run games locally? Let us know in the comments.