Rumour: Day One Releases Delayed On A 'Case-By-Case Basis' For Xbox Game Pass Standard

Well, Xbox Game Pass Standard has officially been unveiled by Microsoft - and it's swooping in to replace Xbox Game Pass Console "in the coming months". While we know that this middle GP tier will exclude certain day one releases, we don't really know which games will skip the tier at launch, and for how long they'll be delayed. Well, Windows Central's Jez Corden has tried to shed some light on the situation - even if it's all very vague at the moment.

Taking to Twitter, Corden has been replying to fan questions about this new Xbox Game Pass plan. Corden says he's been told that Game Pass Standard will miss out on some day one releases "on a case-by-case basis", and that a "between 6 and 12-month" delay could be the sort of time frame we're looking at here.

As to whether these delayed games will be Xbox first-party titles, third-party releases or a mix of both, we still don't have any clear answers on that. Corden says that he's "not sure" whether third-party releases such as Stalker 2 and Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn would release day one for the Xbox Game Pass Standard tier.

Do bear in mind that for now, none of this is official information and we are still waiting for some clear communication from Microsoft on its plans for Xbox Game Pass Standard - and the nature of day one releases on that particular tier. Hopefully we get some official clarification on this sooner rather than later!

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