Microsoft Provides More Detail On Its New Xbox Game Pass Standard Tier

In the wee hours of the morning here in the UK, Microsoft decided it was the right time to announce sweeping changes to Xbox Game Pass. The service's 'Console' tier is no more — to be replaced by Xbox Game Pass Standard — while both the existing Core and Ultimate tiers are getting price increases.

What's most interesting here is that new 'Standard' tier of Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft has provided a bit more detail on the new GP option - with even more information coming "soon". Here's what the team has said so far:

"Xbox Game Pass Standard gives you hundreds of high-quality games to play on your console. It also features all the benefits of Game Pass Core, such as online console multiplayer and select member deals and discounts, including up to 50% off select games.

Some games available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on day one will not be immediately available with Xbox Game Pass Standard and may be added to the library at a future date.

Xbox Game Pass Standard will be available in the coming months. We will share more information soon."

We're hoping that in the coming days, Microsoft provides a bit more detail about what "some games" means in regards to a lack of day one releases. Are we talking first-party games only? All day one launches? The wording sounds like Microsoft could pick and choose these titles as it sees fit, but really, this needs to be further clarified before Game Pass Standard launches.

As for when the new tier will debut, Microsoft says Game Pass Standard will arrive "in the coming months" - we'd expect around September time as that's when the existing tier price changes take effect for current subscribers.

For now, it's worth noting that prepaid codes can still be purchased at previous, cheaper prices. If you're wanting to stack up ahead of prices rising across the board, feel free to grab some codes from our store now:

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  1. Xbox Game Pass Core6%
  2. Xbox Game Pass Standard6%
  3. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate42%
  4. PC Game Pass3%
  5. I'm unsubscribing33%
  6. I'm not sure yet11%

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