The very last Xbox Game Pass release of June 2024 was Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders, and when it was first announced, we had high hopes that the console launch would be a hit. Sadly, it hasn't quite worked out that way.

It's not that the game is bad, but the conversion from PC to console leaves a lot to be desired. That's according to the low rating on the Xbox Store, along with various impressions we've seen from fans across social media:

Different_Order5241 on Reddit: "I played it for 20 mins and the porting to console is done terribly. it looks like it was done by somebody who never held a controller let alone played a game on console. Shame cause otherwise it was interesting."

However, despite the negativity surrounding the console port, we've also spotted some positive impressions from players who have been enjoying Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders on Xbox Game Pass so far:

sweatgod2020 on Reddit: "Honestly it’s a janky game but I’m having a ton of fun. It’s been an hour and it definitely needs to cook longer but it has EVERYTHING I love in a game all wrapped into one. It’s got this kind of outward/skyrim/stranded deep/and something else sort of thing going on. I’m just picturing this game getting signed a sequel and wondering how amazing it could become giving all the possible improvements they could make."

Intelligent_Guest_14 on Reddit: "I found the game a bit tricky at the start but u soon get used to it, you move the items u want to your hotbar in inventory then just hold LB and choose what u want in the wheel. Its not as hard as u make out. I think it's a decent game."

Despite the positive feedback above, it's clear that Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders still needs some extra work on Xbox, and hopefully the developers will be reading this feedback and implementing improvements as we speak.

Have you been playing the game over the past week? We'd love to hear what you think of it down below.

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