Action RPG 'Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders' Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (June 27)

Welcome to the last Xbox Game Pass addition for the month of June! Today, we have Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders coming to the library, which got a surprise Xbox Series X|S announcement earlier this month.

This Robin Hood romp is said to be an "action-adventure RPG with base-building elements" based on the famous English hero. We'll drop a closer look at this new Xbox Game Pass title down below:

Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders (Xbox Series X|S, PC, Cloud)

"You start your adventure with building a forest camp, which can soon be expanded following the arrival of new residents. You will be responsible for properly managing the space you secured for yourself within Sherwood Forest to build up the village.

As Robin's people grow large in number and strong in sword arm, an uprising in Nottingham may just become a reality, ending the Sheriff's tyranny once and for all. Can Robin Hood and his Merry Men survive and put an end to injustice? Their fate is up to you!"

Will you be trying out this new Xbox Series X|S RPG? Tell us your plans for it down below.