Pure Xbox Game Club July 2024: Still Wakes The Deep

Want to enhance your Xbox Game Pass experience? Come join the official Pure Xbox Game Club!

We can't take any credit on staff for this — the PX Game Club is the work of ralphdibny, Balta666 and the rest of the contributors over at the Pure Xbox forums, who have established a community that meets up every month to play a game on Xbox Game Pass and share their experiences. Games are voted on every month by the contributors involved.

The game for July 2024 is Still Wakes The Deep, which only released on Xbox Game Pass a few weeks ago. It's playable on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming, and it's also accessible on Xbox One via xCloud.

You'll find the forum thread to get involved below (it has over 3,490 entries to date!):

If you're interested in what kind of discussion goes on, here's what a couple of contributors had to say about last month's Pure Xbox Game Club title, Evil West:

"I'm almost to the end of Evil West and absolutely loving it. I'm not even sure it's a very good game (for most people) but the combat is fun as hell and it's just combat arena after combat arena with very little story or exploration to get in the way of the chaotic and fun combat."

"Might be shelving it unfortunately guys. I'm on chapter 13 ( just started). And yes, I'm very close to the end here, but from what I've read online, nothing changes from here on out. You're still just fighting rehashed bosses and groups of enemies at once. Its been that way the entire game."

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