Microsoft Rewards Fans Are Preparing For A New Era On Xbox This Week

In case you missed it, Microsoft Rewards is undergoing a transformation on Xbox right now. We've started to see a few new offers entering the Xbox Rewards Hub recently, but sadly there are some downsides to report as well.

The big one is that the old Microsoft Rewards Xbox app is shutting down very soon. Its main feature is the ability to rack up "Weekly Sets" that provide bonus points, but after 250+ weeks, those are officially concluding today (April 15th).

Of course, the Microsoft Rewards app is also where the old "Monthly Bonus Round" punchcards used to be located, and it's always offered a decent number of points through promotions like adverts and sales bonuses as well.

Alas, it's about to come to an end, and the Xbox Rewards Hub is where everything will be found moving forward. The big highlight of this Hub lately has been a "Weekly Console Bonus" that allows you to earn over 1,000 points per-month for just playing games consistently, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're interested.

It's true that you can't earn anywhere near as many Microsoft Rewards points via Xbox as you could a few months ago, however. The main reason for this is the removal of a "Play with Friends on PC" task that was providing hundreds of points per-day on its own - so fingers crossed we get a replacement for this at some point in the future.

How Do You Feel About Microsoft Rewards Right Now? (1,658 votes)

  1. I love it, it's a great feature!13%
  2. It's still good, but it could be even better28%
  3. It's OK I guess?18%
  4. It's pretty disappointing to be honest36%
  5. I hate it! Just get rid of it...4%

Does It Offer A Fair Amount Of Points Right Now? (1,490 votes)

  1. Yes, definitely (I'd obviously love more though!)6%
  2. It's fairly generous, yeah8%
  3. It's alright... could be worse, could be better28%
  4. Not really, it should be offering more37%
  5. Definitely not! It's barely worth doing20%

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