The latest addition to Xbox's free-to-play lineup has been revealed today in the form of Stampede: Racing Royale, which has officially launched in Xbox Game Preview form for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Windows PC.

As noted in the headline, the game clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the likes of Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing (yes, there are powerups a-plenty here!), but it also puts its own spin on things. In Stampede: Racing Royale, there are 60 racers competing at the same time, and your goal is to become the ultimate winner at the end of three events.

Even though it's now available on Xbox, the game is still a work-in-progress - hence its "Xbox Game Preview" status. Nevertheless, there's clearly a lot to discover here already, and it'll be interesting to see how it evolves over time.

We'll throw more details about Stampede: Racing Royale below, along with some screenshots.

"Welcome to Stampede: Racing Royale – the wildest racing event in existence. Step on the gas in thrilling kart racing and battle events, with 60 participants all competing simultaneously. Harness your skills and a huge range of power-ups to steer your way to the front of the herd across in classic circuit racing, or fight the crowd head-on to score the most points in arena-based battles."

Will you be taking to the track with Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox? Let us know down in the comments.