Everyone likes a freebie, especially when it comes to Xbox games! The latest one is Aimlabs, which is intended as an "aim trainer" for FPS titles - but you can also use it as an easy completion if you're an Xbox achievement hunter.

As detailed in the video up above, you can acquire 1000 out of the 1100 gamerscore in around an hour's time, and some of the achievements are extremely easy - such as changing your weapon skin or watching your first replay.

And hey... you might actually benefit from the game itself! If you're a big fan of the FPS genre, Aimlabs is built specifically for you, helping to provide a "competitive edge" for those hardcore multiplayer shooters.

We'll throw more details about Aimlabs down below, along with a few screenshots:

"Aimlabs is a training platform to help sharpen up your core FPS aiming skills. Aimlabs offers a comprehensive set of tools to improve your aim, regardless of which FPS you play. It provides curated training scenarios that will turn you into an aim God in no time."

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