Halo Infinite Adds New Big Team Battle Mode In Latest Xbox Update

There's still plenty of life in Halo Infinite yet, as evidenced by its latest update on Xbox and PC. This introduces a new 20-tier Operation Pass, a bunch of freebies, and a brand-new Big Team Battle mode!

That mode is called Big Team Battle: Sentry Defense, which is playable across six maps (Fragmentation, Highpower, Deadlock, Oasis, Scarr and Command). Here's how the mode is described by 343 Industries:

"Adjutant Resolution, one of Zeta Halo’s submonitors who you met and fought in Halo Infinite’s campaign, has decided to jump into some multiplayer action. Two of them—simply known as “sentries” in this context—are on each team; your objective is to protect your sentries and destroy the enemy’s."

"Each team has 2,000 points. As damage is dealt to your sentries, the available score drops, and if you reach 0 it’s game over. Each map will have at least one Repair Field that spawns in a neutral location—in addition to providing health regeneration for your fellow Spartans and vehicles, it’ll also repair your sentries."

Elsewhere, the "Operation: Anvil Pass" allows you to earn the new Sangheili-themed ASSAILER armour amongst other things, and everyone is getting treated to the Disability Pride Month armour coating, visor, and emblem.for free.

You can check out some images below from the "Anvil" themed updates to Halo Infinite:

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[source halowaypoint.com]