Forza Motorsport Splits Update 10 Into Two Parts  As Team 'Works Through' New Content

Last month's Forza Motorsport update delivered sweeping changes to the game's visuals, and while not all of the content for Update 10 has been revealed yet, the team has explained that things will work a little differently this time around.

The game's July update will begin rolling out tomorrow, but that will only be the first part of the update. "New car and event content, as well as minor improvements to Hockenheim and Catalunya, additional aero wings, and Replay UI changes" arrive July 10th, with "the remaining features and fixes" coming at a later date.

"Our Update 10 Overview video will focus solely on the event content included with the first phase of the update, while the accompanying blog post and release notes – to be posted tomorrow morning – will also detail the fixes and features included in the second update download."

It appears that this later date hasn't been figured out yet over at developer Turn 10, suggesting that parts of Update 10 have effectively been delayed. It remains to be seen whether future updates will return to the old format, or if staggered patches is the new norm for Forza Motorsport updates.

Anyway, the team sends its "thanks for your understanding" in regards to this news, and it will deliver more information on the second half of the game's July update soon. If you want to read up on what Turn 10 has delivered in its last few Forza Motorsport updates, check out the links down below.

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