Earlier this month, Turn 10 Studios dropped Forza Motorsport Update 9, which came complete with a free DLC offer on Xbox and PC. However, one other difference that flew under the radar was a pretty big upgrade to the game's visuals - the dev team has made some massive graphical changes in Update 9.

We've finally got a good look at these changes in the video up above, which compares older updates to Update 9 footage across every track in the game. As you can see, the lighting looks like it's changed quite a bit - giving the game a more colourful look, where the overall contrast just seems to pop a lot more.

We're yet to give this update a go here at Pure Xbox HQ, but now that we've seen just how different the game looks after this June update, we're very much tempted. It's just about making sure that we have 100GB+ spare on our Xbox SSDs!

Having said that, a couple of months back, the team did reduce the overall file size as part of Forza Motorsport Update 7, so maybe we should just give the game another spin now and see what we think of the changes. Who else is tempted to get back out on the track?

Tell us if this is tempting you back to Forza Motorsport down below!