Dead Space Meets Battlefield 2042 In Unlikely Crossover On Xbox Game Pass

Just as support for DICE's Battlefield 2042 starts to wind down, a surprising EA crossover has emerged from the depths of outer space. Starting July 9th, Dead Space is coming to Battlefield, focusing on a new mode — Outbreak — where "squads are tested by their human resilience and resourcefulness against a new and relentless enemy".

During the limited-time event, which lasts until July 16th, "players can unlock free rewards, including a new weapon charm and skin as well as a new player card background and tag". For those of you who don't mind dipping into your pockets, a new premium Dead Space pack will also be coming to Battlefield 2042 during the crossover event. At least BF2042 is on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so participating in the event will be free for subscribers!

This all comes at quite a fitting time for EA's FPS series. Back in April, it was confirmed that the Dead Space Remake directors are working on the next Battlefield game, so clearly, the folks who developed Dead Space are going to have a hand in shaping Battlefield's future as well. We'll have to wait and see what the team is building with the next entry.

In other, perhaps more old school Battlefield news, DICE just announced when the remaining Xbox 360 era titles will be going offline. You've not got long to get stuck into Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline on Xbox 360!

Will you be checking out this EA collaboration on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us down below!